Aquaponics Lettuce - PREDICT & PREPARE

Aquaponics – Where fish and vegetables work together to make great food

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Prepping and homesteading is all about getting back to the basics and being self reliant, a huge part of that is having control over your food supply.  With a simple Aquaponics system you can have an abundance of healthy organic food (vegetables and fish) year round. So what exactly is Aquaponics?  It is the combination of raising fish (aquaculture) and …

Gold Bars -

Precious Metals – Are they that precious?

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Is investing in precious metals like silver and gold a good idea for most preppers?  The answer will vary depending on who you ask, some preppers strongly advise purchasing gold and silver as a means of survival in the event of a total economic collapse, while others question how practical and valuable it would truly be in a post collapse …

Financial Ruin - PREDICT & PREPARE

Financial Preparedness for Doomsday and Other Disasters

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While the likelihood of an upcoming doomsday scenario or an economic disaster involving the breakdown of our entire country’s monetary system (hyperinflation) is slim, there are plenty of personal financial disaster scenarios that can and do happen on a daily basis (unemployment, homes in foreclosure, overwhelming debt, etc). This article will focus on financial preparedness for these everyday situations. Statistics …

Encrypt Your $#!T – PREDICT & PREPARE

Encrypt your $#!T – System Partition Encryption

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Encrypting your entire system where your operating system resides and boots is the safest and most secure, as it encrypts ALL files. Even files within the operating system you wouldn’t know held sensitive information. When you encrypt your entire system drive, every time you boot your computer it will ask for your password to decrypt and boot your system. Because …

Communications CB Radio - Predict & Prepare

Communications In An Emergency Without Your Cellphone

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Our society relies on cell phones and texting for the majority of our day to day communication.  When disaster strikes and the basic technology that we depend on fails (land line, cell phones, internet) we need to have a plan in place to effectively communicate and also gather important information (adverse weather conditions, etc). Did you know that if there …