Riot - Predict and Prepare

How to survive a peaceful protest that turns into a riot

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Unfortunately, we can’t always predict what is going to happen during a protest. There are plenty of times when a protest starts out peacefully and ends that way. There are also times when a protest turns into a full fledged riot. For times like that, you need to keep your cool and keep your own safety in mind to survive. …

Drone for SHTF - Predict and Prepare

Why Drones are good in a SHTF situation

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When I say drones, I’m talking about civilian drones, the ones anyone can go out and buy. I recommend getting a drone as they can come in handy in SHTF situations. What better way is there to check something out near you without the associated danger? You can use a drone to patrol the area for looters, trespassers, etc. When …

Encrypt Your $#!T – PREDICT & PREPARE

Encrypt your $#!T – System Partition Encryption

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Encrypting your entire system where your operating system resides and boots is the safest and most secure, as it encrypts ALL files. Even files within the operating system you wouldn’t know held sensitive information. When you encrypt your entire system drive, every time you boot your computer it will ask for your password to decrypt and boot your system. Because …

Encrypt Your $#!T – PREDICT & PREPARE

Encrypt Your $#!T – Encrypting Individual Files

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You never know when thieves, looters, hackers, officials, an ex, or whomever might get a hold of your computer which could have sensitive information on it. So, the best thing you could do is encrypt your files. Two basic ways of doing this is to encrypt only your sensitive files (this article), or encrypt your whole hard drive so everything …