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The Benefits of Making Your Own Soap

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Why would someone want to go to the trouble of making their own soap when they can just go to the store and buy some?  There are actually a few reasons why you should consider making the switch from store bought to homemade. Have you noticed that many store brands use words like cleanser and bar rather than the word …

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Why Drones are good in a SHTF situation

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When I say drones, I’m talking about civilian drones, the ones anyone can go out and buy. I recommend getting a drone as they can come in handy in SHTF situations. What better way is there to check something out near you without the associated danger? You can use a drone to patrol the area for looters, trespassers, etc. When …

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Look! A bear!…now what? – Surviving a Bear Encounter

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Bears have been depicted in several movies as predators that target humans, but in actual fact the majority of bear encounters rarely involve any aggression, let alone an attack. However, if you are in bear country when camping, hiking or even live there, you need to be prepared and learn how to react or better yet, prevent a bear encounter …