Essential Bug Out Gear Everyone Needs for an Emergency Bug Out Bag

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What would you do if you heard, tornado sirens (loud audio) or the emergency alert tones …come across your TV, phone or radio telling you to evacuate as soon as possible? Some horrible fate was headed directly towards you and your family, and you have a very small window of time to escape. Obviously, you would spring into action and …

Drone for SHTF - Predict and Prepare

Why Drones are good in a SHTF situation

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When I say drones, I’m talking about civilian drones, the ones anyone can go out and buy. I recommend getting a drone as they can come in handy in SHTF situations. What better way is there to check something out near you without the associated danger? You can use a drone to patrol the area for looters, trespassers, etc. When …