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to say that [something] will or might happen in the future
to make ready beforehand for some purpose, use, or activity

As I’ve grown older I’ve started to think about, “what if this happens?”, or “what if that happens?”. I don’t know if it’s how people think as they grow older or if it’s just being “paranoid”, that you start to realize this life isn’t perfect and things do go wrong, or not as planned.

I opened a fortune cookie and my fortune was “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”. I thought, “wow, that’s exactly how I’ve been thinking lately”. Whether it be a zombie apocalypse, a terrorist attack, to something more possible from day to day like your car breaking down to losing your job, wouldn’t you want to be ready for such an event or situation?

When I think of ideas, or come across things that I think is good in preparation for a certain event or situation, I wanted a place to give my opinions and thoughts. That’s where PREDICT AND PREPARE came about. I would love to share my thoughts and get your opinions too, because this is a place where we can brainstorm and share with like-minded people.

Join me on this journey of ready and preparedness.