Survival Is Your Friend - PREDICT AND PREPARE

Survival Is Your Friend

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In this day and age danger can find you at any time or in any place, being prepared for any situation is the key to survival. If terrorism, man made or natural disaster strikes and you are unable to get to a remote location, you need to be prepared for urban survival.

In Canada, approximately 80% of the population lives in urban areas. Population density is the greatest threat for survival in a crisis as resources become limited. In order to survive we require the basics like food, water, shelter and security/protection. Acquiring certain skill sets is also extremely beneficial.

The first thing you will need is a stored supply of non-perishable food. Planting a garden would also be ideal as it will provide an endless supply of food. There are several different seeds/ plants you can purchase, checking to see which fruits/vegetables grow well in your area is best. Even in the city there are creative ways to have a garden which will provide plenty of nourishment.

Water is also key to survival. You can stockpile bottled water but again it isn’t going to last forever so learning how to purify water is ideal and there are several ways to do it. Also, consider harvesting rain water or digging a well (if possible).

If you aren’t bugging out when disaster strikes then you’ll want to make your home as secure as possible against looters, gangs and thieves. Consider creating a safe room in your home, if you have unwanted visitors it is a secure place to retreat to and store your valuable items.

If you come into a situation where you need to defend yourself, weapons may be necessary, most importantly a firearm and ammo. However, it’s not just about owning a gun but knowing how to handle it safely and fire it accurately. Also consider training in self defense (martial arts), with the proper technique even a small person can defend themselves against a larger opponent.

Being prepared for urban survival isn’t just about stockpiling food and supplies but also obtaining the skills required to be self sufficient. The goal should be to thrive, not just survive!

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